The real estate and construction company Dimiourgiki S.A., is active in the Real Estate field since 1998, building on the excellent technical expertise and competence of its executives and associates.
During this time, we have completed with great success a multitude of construction projects in Central and in Northern Greece.
Our Projects feature innovative design, quality architecture, functionality and durability over time.
Our long presence in the field of construction and real estate management have “armed” us with a high level of organization in all aspects of the construction industry. We specialize in residential projects, undertaking the design, planning and implementation of construction.
Dimiourgiki S.A. was created in 1998 by Konstantinos and Georgios Gourgiotis, with the purpose of construction, organization and management of residential, commercial and tourism facilities.
Today our company has built and manages a portfolio of some 40 properties, located in the region of Central and Northern Greece.
Our construction activities exceed a total area of 50,000 sq.m. and concerns residential and commercial developments