10 Feb

Buratti architetti's villa carber redefines local typologies of val seriana in italy.

Sitting on the first hills of Val Seriana in italy, villa carber by buratti architetti brushes the mountain on one side and opens up to the valley on the other. Playing with that duality, the house can be characterized by two facets: the northern side (mountain) composed of thick stone walls and small windows, and the southern facade (valley) with large glassed openings overlooking the extended terraces.

The gable roof, traditional typology of the area, is re-interpreted with more sculptural qualities.

Buratti architetti has selected the gable roof, a traditional typology of the area, as one of the main elements of the villa since it holds all different parts of the house together.

gourgiwtis villa italy 3Even more, the roof has been re-interpreted by paying particular attention to the eaves — a typical meeting point between the roof and building wall. In this particular design, they acquire more technical and sculptural qualities with great attention to every detail.

The villa is characterized by a stone-walled north facet with small windows.

The house’s main spaces, living area and bedrooms are placed on the south side with some cantilever parts growing into the trees and a pleasant all-day natural lighting. On the other hand, the service areas, garage and technical rooms are found on the north side firmly grounded into the plot. At the exterior, two overlapping terraces seem to fly over the trees thanks to a strong cantilever that strongly characterizes the architecture of the building. Indeed, this structure is in contrast with all other nearby buildings but well integrated into the natural landscape.

At the entrance area, materials and finishing are clearly laid out unto the building façades: aluminum for railings and garage covering; zinc-titanium for the roof; natural larch wood for window frames, wall coverings and ceilings; sarnico stone for exterior walls and flooring ; white plaster for walls.

Natural day light fills up the interior living spaces all day long, thanks to semi-transparent openings.

Service areas, garage and technical rooms are found on the ground floor of the villa

Close up of the aluminum rails the house sits on the first hills of Val Seriana, within the privacy of a green surrounding

Close up of the thick stone wall found at the northern façade

The house displays a dynamic mix of traditional heavy materials and light contemporary ones

Interior wooden staircase

The main living space is located at the northern facet of the house

Dining room space

gourgiwtis villa italy 2